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GCTV and all Connecticut public access stations need your help. As of right now, and thanks to your help, bill HB5446 made it out of committee and will go to the full legislature for vote. That date is TBD. This bill will protect and possibly expand funding for all public access stations in CT. Public access was born, regulated and funded as a cable only platform when cable was the only platform. This bill gives you more choice in how you access local stories and PEG stations the funding and support to make that happen.

What You Can Do to Help

Follow the links to learn more about this bill and digital equity. From this link you can also contact members of congress and ask that they support HB5446. Make it personal. How have you benefited from hyper local content provided by GCTV or the access station in your area? What would be lost if it went away? to email. to sign the petition.

As always, GCTV thanks you for your support!

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Guilford community members of all ages and skill levels have produced programs that highlight events and ideas in the area of arts, healthcare, government, religion, education environment and much more.  You can learn to produce compelling video presentations too!  Training and use of equipment is free.  Check out our online video classroom to get started.  Learn about technique, story development and equipment.